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Download Link : RSLogix Micro Starter Lite untuk MicroLogix 1000 dan 1100

Bagi anda yang baru belajar PLC, ada kabar gembira karena Rockwell Automation telah mengeluarkan free software untuk MicroLogix 1000 dan 1100. Meskipun tidak selengkap RSLogix 500 Pro, namun setidaknya software ini cukup bermanfaat untuk belajar PLC. Rockwell Automation juga mengeluarkan RSLogix Emulate untuk simulatornya. Jadi tunggu apa lagi, ayo download sekarang juga.

RSLogix Micro Starter Lite (v8.30) without RSLinx — for offline programming (English)

Software diatas digunakan untuk membuat ladder logic (more…)

Tutorial Allen Bradley Bagian.2 : Uploading, Downloading, and Going Online to a Logix5000 Controller


Upload: Transfer a copy of a project file from a controller to a computer over a network:

Note :

Uploading transfers the file in the controller into the temporary memory (RAM) of the computer.

To create a permanent copy, the file must be saved to the hard drive of the computer.

Standard documentation, such as rung comments and operand descriptions, is not uploaded. To access this type of documentation, a matching file must be found in the computer. This does not apply to structured text comments.

Download: Transfer a copy of a project file from a computer to a controller over a network:

Note :

A controller can only contain one project file at a time. Downloading overwrites the current  roject file in the controller.

When you download a project file into a controller, all information except standard documentation is loaded into the controller: